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For TSR, it’s not about just selling audiovisual equipment. We provide a completely integrated solution, tailored to your wishes and budget. User friendliness, durability and results are our most important gauges to keep an eye on, in order to to provide what you really need. This way you can make a perfect impression without any worries!

We get a kick out of our installations being barely visible. Perfectly integrated and seamlessly applied to your location or room, it’s all a part of the user experience. That is how our audiovisual solutions contribute to the overall experience.

We advise, design and install incredibly unique and diverse audiovisual solutions. For retail, hotels, meeting spaces, corporates and restaurants. We take great care in working out all the details, from A to Z, in order to come to a quick, flawless execution of the AV integration process. At our technical department, all AV racks are neatly cabled, labelled, and thoroughly tested before being installed on site.

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Why work with TSR AV

Working with TSR AV means working with a truly involved partner. Shared goals, clear deadlines, clever preparations and: check, check, double check. Always striving for inspiring results, leaving nothing to chance.

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Results You Can Expect

Customer Experience

Grab every single chance to interact with your target audience! Expose history, values, mission and goals and embrace their attention.


Effective solutions increase customer and employee experience. Happy employees have higher productivity and customers who feel engaged have higher loyalty to your business.


Spot on designed solutions help to eliminate distractions, keeping your audience focused on the essence of your communication.

Sustainable Realization

Working together to optimize process and integrate where possible eliminates overlap, inefficiency and squandering of resources.

Client Results

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