– the company

At TSR AV, we strongly believe in the power of co-creation. With everyone chipping in their knowledge and skills for the ultimate goal – Inspiring Interactions.

We are passionate specialists with a pro-active mindset and constructive attitude. Our genuine commitment, which is focused on the targeted result for our clients is unsurpassed and comes as a standard.

Our most distinguished added value is often described as ‘peace-of-mind’. Which is exactly what we love to do. Giving you peace-of-mind, knowing that in your world of inspiring audiovisual interactions, WE ARE AV


– the people

We are confident about the fact that in the pursuit of inspiring interactions, people make all the difference. That goes for permanent staff as well as our freelance friends.

Please handle with care, they’re all limited edition

Margie Davies

Officemanager Finance

Sylvia de Boer

Officemanager HR

Peter Bottema

Accountmanager AV Systems

Jesse Terpstra

Commercial Lead

Jeroen Roth

Tech Support Engineer

Melvin Burger

Accountmanager AV Systems

Laurens Kromhout van der Meer

AV Engineer

Mitchel Vork

AV Systems Lead

Han Wassink

Business Development Director

Martijn Groot

Operations Director

Mitchell van der Laan

AV Engineer

Jeroen van Montfoort

AV Engineer

Daan de Lau

Accountmanager AV Experience

Guido Wander

Planning Engineer AV Systems

Jordy Brinkman

AV Experience Lead

Bobby de Kok

Tech Support Engineer

Jort Bruinsma

Planning & Purchase

Nick Jonker

AV Engineer

Toby Peperkamp

Special FX Engineer


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