Corporate Events

engage your audience - making marvelous memories

Corporate Events are a crucial tool in the forming of professional relations. Who doesn’t remember a specific meeting, an inspiring lecture or a particular funny event that still makes coworkers grimas or laugh. It just great for people to have things in common to refer to, to talk about, to share.

At TSR AV we’re keen to know what your specific goal with an event is. Whether it is to stimulate a positive sentiment between coworkers, sharing knowledge, celebrating goals achieved or anything else: We love to help achieve your goal!

How does TSR AV approach Corporate Events?

The title ‘Corporate Events’ may give the impression for them to be an opposite of personal approach. Except, they are not. At all. Corporate Events are fulfilling a part of the corporate identity. Therefore they are to be treate with the utmost care: With all those people watching, they can easily stimulate or damage your brand and business. With everything we do, our people are acting under the full understanding that we are standing there in your representation. Working at building trust for your brand, enlarging your audience and group of ambassadors for your business.

The personal approach:

As we have come to understand your goals for your event we utilize our knowledge and experience to do our part in safeguarding these goals. In every hardware choice, planning detail and excecution task: we do whatever is helping you achieve the desired goal.
With our understanding of your goals we use our experience and professional imagination to create an experience that helps create the optimal setting for the sharing of information.

Whether your event is live, hybrid, online or virtual: We’ll be there, happy to help!
Get in touch today to share thoughts and let’s make marvelous memories together!

Client results

Auditorium Hitachi

Het training- en demonstratiecentrum voor hydraulische graafmachines van Hitachi is gebouwd op een bedrijventerrein in het Westelijk Havengebied. Hier zijn kantoren, les- en oefenruimten, een showroom en een auditorium onder…
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Why work with TSR AV

We help analyzing your exact need for AV. We help to set realistic budget, design the perfect fit solution and optimize the process to avoid unnecessary cost. The right approach to help achieve your goals. Let’s discuss your ambitions and see how TSR AV can help you. Give us a call today!

Shared Goals

If the specified solution is properly designed based on shared ambition and beliefs, people are more likely to effectively cooperate on the realization and preservation.


Effective solutions increase customer and employee experience. Happy employees have higher productivity and customers who feel engaged have higher loyalty to your business.


Spot on designed solutions help to eliminate distractions, keeping your audience focused on the essence of your communication.

Sustainable Realization

Working together to optimize process and integrate where possible eliminates overlap, inefficiency and squandering of resources.

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