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Are you looking for a professional look for your meeting or presentation room? Are you fed up with loose cables or searching for connections? Then you are looking for a Barco ClickShare wireless presentation system.

Why a wireless presentation system makes your life easier…

With the increase in the use of mobile devices, there is a growing desire to be able to share or present data directly from not only laptops and computers, but also tablets and smartphones. In the past, an HDMI cable was sufficient. Nowadays, however, users have a variety of devices, from a Laptop, MacBook or Chromebook to an iPad, iPhone or Android tablet, each requiring a different connection.

A professional wireless presentation system solves all these problems. The interactivity during your meetings can only improve! There are several solutions that make this easy.

Presenting wirelessly with Barco ClickShare is not only easy, but also SAFE!

Barco’s ClickShare also makes it possible to show information from laptops wirelessly and simultaneously on a projection or screen. By simply plugging the USB button into your laptop, tablet or smartphone, both the image and accompanying sound are displayed with one click. The system is also configured to automatically display the best possible resolution at all times.

ClickShare is the first wireless collaboration technology to achieve ISO 27001 certification, ensuring the correct processes and structures are in place at all times for the highest international security standards. As the installation is always connected to your network, Barco ClickShare safeguards your IT security more than any other wireless presentation system.

Presenting wirelessly with ClickShare! It’s that simple:

ClickShare is a user-friendly and easy-to-use system that makes wireless presenting fun for everyone. No technical knowledge is required to use it. The system mainly consists of two parts:

– The ClickShare USB dongle that connects your laptop to the projector or display.

– The Barco base station which receives the signal and is placed near the projector or display.

The ClickShare button (USB) facilitates every computer user to easily share content on the display. The ClickShare App connects easily to the meeting room and offers besides screen sharing also a large number of advanced functions. The app works on all devices, from desktop to Android and iOS. Differentiation in users of respective connection possibilities makes it possible to distinguish between guest users and staff and employees. In addition, there are several ClickShare versions that also support Airplay (iOS mirroring), Google Cast, Mira Cast.

The system can also be equipped with a personalised welcome/information screen. This information display can be designed entirely in the style of your organisation and provides the room’s users with clear instructions on how to use the ClickShare system.

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