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Creating an experience. Using audiovisual tools to empower corporate identity. Integrating AV and IT in order to achieve an optimal and effective smart working environment in your organization. But how do you come up with the right concept? The outline for a Request For Proposal? Who should be involved and during which step of the process? Is the budget set and sufficient? In order to maximize results and output while keeping track on budget, some experience with these complex questions and processes may help tremendously. That’s why we are here for you. Your ambitions and goals. Whatever the purpose of an audiovisual solution may be, it is essential to keep your elementary ambitions and goals in mind during the whole process. These elements help to fixate long and shorter term goals and create logical steps that clearly justify and support your businesscase around AV needs. At TSR AV we do not just deliver the answer to your question. We help to frame and format the right question. After that, answering, framing and executing the perfect fit solution are way less difficult. Designing your vision is what we like to call that. We help organizations to explore and discuss needs, wants, options, cost, implications and frame all of these elements resulting in just one thing: grip. Grip on budget. Grip on process and planning Grip on output. We have already worked with many organizations to effectively use AV in both temporary or permanent setups, all with the same goal: The objected gain for your organization.

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Why work with TSR AV

We help analyzing your exact need for AV. We help to set realistic budget, design the perfect fit solution and optimize the process to avoid unnecessary cost. The right approach to help achieve your goals. Let’s discuss your ambitions and see how TSR AV can help you. Give us a call today!

Shared Goals

If the specified solution is properly designed based on shared ambition and beliefs, people are more likely to effectively cooperate on the realization and preservation.


Effective solutions increase customer and employee experience. Happy employees have higher productivity and customers who feel engaged have higher loyalty to your business.


Spot on designed solutions help to eliminate distractions, keeping your audience focused on the essence of your communication.

Sustainable Realization

Working together to optimize process and integrate where possible eliminates overlap, inefficiency and squandering of resources.

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