Narrowcasting & Digital Signage

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Digital Signage, also known as narrowcasting, is an ideal platform for not only strengthening the intended business atmosphere and corporate identity within your location. This platform also provides an excellent way to provide interested parties such as colleagues, guests and visitors with information and content. Thanks to narrowcasting, it is possible to respond optimally to current events, experiences and information.

Organisations, business sectors and workplaces today are a continuous playing field for changes, growth and developments. Digital Signage or Narrowcasting is a way that can contribute optimally to an efficient and renewed communication.

Digital Signage is suitable for every organisation!

Whether you have an organisation that focuses on KPIs and targets, or a clothing shop that wants to enthuse the passing public about your product range, Digital Signage is very widely applicable.

Most people will already be familiar for some time with information screens at stations. In the catering industry, they are also increasingly used to show the daily menu, for example. In the lobby of a hotel, it can be a nice way to display the weather forecast and evening activities. In education, timetable changes can be interspersed with local news using our narrowcasting system. Within companies, internal vacancies can be shared in order to recruit new staff or KPIs can be displayed.

With digital signage, your company information or content is wrapped up in a nice digital jacket, which can be enhanced with additional moving images. In this way, you immediately get the attention of everyone who walks past the screen, works or waits.

So, what is the advantage of personalised Digital Signage?

Customer insights, sales analysis and customer engagement are an optimal formula when combined with the right digital signage software. Hardware and content ensure that you initiate activation. Whether it is about selling, informing, navigating or digitally calling in the waiting room via information screens. With the right resources at the right location, with the right message at the right time, your organisation can make all the difference with customer, employee and visitor interactions. Strengthen the overall corporate identity within your company and location.

Content and Digital Signage! It is that simple:

Content management is carried out via a central BrightSign platform. This central control and content management platform guarantees user-friendliness within the entire organisation. By means of predefined templates, we ensure that information is retrieved automatically from the information sources as much as possible. Possible additions of content display related to public transport, KPI’s or other information can easily be implemented in further consultation or by own management within the digital signage installation.

Your organisation’s personalised Digital Signage system:

  • A screen or projection set-up that is completely attuned to the size of the room.
  • A high-quality digital signage media player from BrightSign, attuned to the number of screens and the applications to be used.
  • Digital cloud platform where content can easily be loaded, matched to a schedule/time code, changed and distributed.

Client results

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