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Do you need a professional solution for video calling in the office and with remote colleagues? Is communication and interaction via video calling also becoming increasingly important for your organization and business operations? By means of the TSR AV “Bring Your Own Device” meeting room, you can easily start a video conference with every laptop or computer.

A BYOD meeting room is suitable for every organization and space!

We adapt the techniques optimally to each desired space, use and wishes. Through an extensive acquaintance we can map out your wishes and advise you further. In order to make the investment as interesting as possible, we not only think about the ROI of the space, but also include aspects such as sustainability, recycling and the environment in the overall design.

What’s the advantage of a personalized BYOD meeting room?

A BYOD meeting room ensures versatility and optimal ease of use. Crestron Mercury transforms your meeting rooms into collaboration spaces and enables location-independent collaboration and content sharing (Air Media) with one easy-to-use device. All that is required with the basic model is a laptop or computer equipped with Zoom, Skype, Teams, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, Slack or another UC application. Furthermore, Crestron Mercury is easy to implement and manage. Feel free to ask for a demonstration.

The advantage of a BYOD meeting room with Crestron Mercury is that your business operations are not tied to a single video conference platform. Make the most of the versatility within your customer base and relationships, whether you use Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, it all works.

Bring Your Own Meeting! It’s that simple:

You and your colleagues can simply connect your own laptop to the Crestron Mercury system to use your own video conference platform. Connection can be facilitated both wirelessly and wired via an HDMI connection. The Crestron Mercury then ensures that your laptop connects wirelessly with the video conference solution. Simply start the video call in the video conferencing platform of your choice and you will see that your laptop then immediately switches to the room camera and accompanying technology.

Your organization’s personal BYOD meeting room:

  • A screen or projection set-up that is fully adapted to the size of the room
  • A high-quality camera, professionally centered under an existing display.
  • A touchscreen control panel that is easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge to start, schedule and end a meeting.

Dual screen extension for optimal meeting interaction.

Possibly supplemented by a dual-screen set-up, conferencing use in the room is facilitated optimally. This is due to the fact that the user layout of various platforms in combination with screen sharing and external participants on one screen can limit the overall interaction. Through a dual-screen set-up, the meeting room is provided with an additional screen on which the shared content is clearly visible. The other screen is thus entirely available for display to external participants in the meeting, with overall personal interaction being guaranteed as much as possible.

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Why work with TSR AV

We help analyzing your exact need for AV. We help to set realistic budget, design the perfect fit solution and optimize the process to avoid unnecessary cost. The right approach to help achieve your goals. Let’s discuss your ambitions and see how TSR AV can help you. Give us a call today!

Shared Goals

If the specified solution is properly designed based on shared ambition and beliefs, people are more likely to effectively cooperate on the realization and preservation.


Effective solutions increase customer and employee experience. Happy employees have higher productivity and customers who feel engaged have higher loyalty to your business.


Spot on designed solutions help to eliminate distractions, keeping your audience focused on the essence of your communication.

Sustainable Realization

Working together to optimize process and integrate where possible eliminates overlap, inefficiency and squandering of resources.

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