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Floriade Expo 2022: 14 april – 9 oktober 2022

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Growing, Greening, Energizing and Healthying the city. This edition of the 10th annual Floriade Expo is close to outgrowing its Horticultural nature by its story alone. It will take place with the most ambitious goal ever: Projecting a vision for 2050 when estimates shows that 68% of the world population will live in cities that only take up 2% of the earth surface.

This fact alone asks for a change. In the way we live, work and spend our free time. But also in the way we source our food, our energy, the very way we manage our resources. The Floriade Expo 2022 is the perfect canvas for the world to come together to inspire, get inspired and to join hands in our communal journey towards a livable future.

Our facilities are based within a mile from the Floriade Expo terrain – how’s that for local sourcing?

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As a true one stop partner, our offering covers all of your Floriade AV needs. Whether it is a microphone for a 5-minute speech or a full-blown integrated AV solution during your entire Expo – We’ve got you covered!


Let’s create the ultimate atmosphere to share your story and marvel your visitors and guests.


Empower your exposition of knowledge, culture and art. Backed by tailormade AV solutions.


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Smooth and subtle, yet highly effective. We’ll help you create the warmest welcome for your guests.

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For years we’ve been working on planning and organizing an amazing Floriade Experience. In close cooperation with the Expo and a large group of locally established companies, we look forward to welcoming your guests and you here in Amsterdam-Almere from April 14th on!

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Supporting you from just around the corner. Whatever you need, we’re only 10 minutes away.

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Arrange all your AV through your single point of contact at TSR AV! We speak English, German, ‘Floriade’, and Dutch! A to Z AV, during your entire stay!

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Wherever your journey leads you throughout The Netherlands during the Expo, we will make sure your AV needs are taken care of in the best way possible.

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